We welcome you to join our community.

Whether you’re an established entity, need a showroom or satellite office, or a promising start-up, you can connect with like-minded professionals to build your industry.

Berkshire Design Center has 16 suites available for lease and occupancy.

  • Product Showrooms
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Home Furnishing and Interiors
  • Freelance and Startups
  • Architectural, Engineering and Construction
  • Visual Arts & Graphics

Large window frames align the inner corridors and outer walls, allowing natural light to radiate through the building. The corridor frames allow high visibility for guests touring the building; perfect for marketing and consumer access. The contemporary design will leave a great first impression for potential clients and partners.

The natural foot-traffic attracted by tenants in BDC benefit a positive business ecosystem that will help connect unsuspected consumers right to your business.

Floor Plans

First Floor

first floor floorplan

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company | PDF

liberty mutual first floor

Suite C | 885 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite D | 727 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

David L. Orenstein CPA & Associates | PDF

david orenstein cpa first floor

Suite E2 | 723 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite F | 483 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Idle Smart | PDF

idle smart first floor

Suite H | 678 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite I | 478 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite J1 | 616 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

CBS – Global Imaging Systems | PDF

CBS first floor

Suite J3 | 397 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite K | 716 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Suite L | 722 (SF) | PDF

Floor Plan

Wellness Center | 1358 (SF) | PDF

Wellness Center

BDC Suite Details

Download Spec Sheet PDF for each Available Suite or contact us for more details

Suite Size (SF) PDF Tenant
A1 3722 Allegrone Companies
A2 2562 Berkshire Design Center Inc.
B 1863 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
C 885
D 727
E1 1057 David L. Orenstein CPA & Associates
E2 723
F 483
G 613 Idle Smart
H 678
I 478
J1 616
J2 760 CBS – Global Imaging Systems
J3 397
K 716
L 722
M 1358 Wellness Center

Second Floor

second floor floorplan

Download PDF

Conference Room 522 SF

conference second floor

Kitchen 278 SF

kitchen second floor

Allegrone | PDF

allegrone second floor

Berkshire Design Center Inc. | PDF

berkshire second floor

Second Floor


mezzanine floor floorplan

Event Suite 723 SF

Floor Plan